I just had to share this beautiful photo album again. Thank you, Cliff Warner, for your amazing ability and talent to capture the magic in everything you see!!! Thank you for capturing each moment so beautifully! You are a treasure!!!!!
—Tandy Beal and Company
Thank you Cliff Warner for your time, energy, and superb photography of our Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center Youth showcase last Saturday. We LOVE the pics! Showin' the world what little stars we have!
—Cat Willis, Director TWDCC
So amazingly beautiful, Cliff Warner!! l love how you capture the spirit and energy in events…!!!
—Jennifer Radakovich
Cliff, you are spectacular!!! Each and every artist involved will be thrilled over these and tickled to show their family and friends their accomplishments. You must know you change lives. You have changed mine!
—Mercedes Johnson
The incomparable Cliff Warner. Your eye holds the spirit we move with, and hands it back to us. Thank you for that gift!
—Marsea Marquis
Cliff, We are so thankful to have you and your presence in our project! It is the dancer that is right there with us, but we don't see, we feel, because it is the dancer that you find in us and transform as form, as the magic of the dance that we can continue see and feel every time we give us a chance to have a moment to dance again with your photo, dance again with you! Thank you so very much!
—Rosangela Silvestre
Cliff thank you so much for all the beautiful photos you've already taken of the 2013 Santa Cruz Fringe Festival!
—Dixie Lee Mills, Producer SC Fringe Festival
Thank you for the beautiful photography and for attending the festival on Saturday. You're a gift to this community.
—Jessa DeLancey
Thank You, Cliff, for always creating beautiful art out of so many performances in our beautiful town. We all appreciate you so much!
—Brooke Butler
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