I’m a photographer and graphic designer based in Santa Cruz, California.
My graphic design background is mainly in print publishing. I’ve most recently worked for an educational health publishing company (ETR Associates). I spent 10 years in Silicon Valley at a traditional type shop (NovaType), did layout for Sunset Books and various newspapers. I’ve designed a few web sites, created epubs, and done a prototype for a tablet publication (I don’t currently do web production). Also typesetting, proofreading, process camera, and traditional drafting.
I do mostly live performance photography (especially dance), rarely posed, and no studio work. 
I’ve photographed performances for the Tandy Beal ArtSmart Concert Series, Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center, The 418 Project, Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, Santa Cruz Ethnic Dance Festival, Modern Collective Dance Company, Nocturnal Sunshine Fire Conclave, Samba Stilt Circus,  Aerial Arts Santa Cruz, Radical Movement Factory, Wide Blue Yonder Dance, Brazilian choreographer Rosangela Silvestre, Marsea Marquis Dance of Brazil, Yemanja Festival, National Dance Week Santa Cruz, and other world-class dancers and musicians. I’ve attended photo workshops at Esalen Institute, and in Carmel with Kim Weston. 
I’m also a musician and have played with the marimba bands Sadza and Kuzanga, played hand drums/percussion for dance classes, and play guitar.

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